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Bipolar Divorce: Destruction Cased by Destructive Behavior

Owing to the ups and downs of life, each one of us is subjected to mood swings that are often perceived as a natural manifestation of the unpleasant life events happening around us. However, when the frequency, duration and severity of mood swings become rapid, it is destructive not only for the individual who is experiencing them, but also for the people whose lives are disrupted because of his/her moods of manic depression. This is the reason why people suffering from Bipolar Disorder often have a string of broken relationships behind them, be it with their friends or family members. Bipolar divorce is a common occurrence when one of the partners in a marriage is suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

People suffering from Bipolar Disorder experience extremes of depression and mania. When they are in a phase of mania, they experience a sudden spurt of energy, restlessness and a feeling of extreme elation. The individual may go on a reckless shopping spree, drive fast, display aggression and indulge in activities that are dangerous and life threatening. It is often tough for a family member, especially a spouse to cope up with this kind of behavior that often has long lasting consequences. This often results in frequent confrontations and misunderstandings between the couple which is just the initial stage for a bipolar divorce.

Another additional behavior problem related to people suffering from Bipolar Disorder is that most of them indulge in alcohol or drug abuse. The reason is that most of these individuals feel that the consumption of alcohol or drugs may relieve them of the extreme mood swings that they experience. In some cases, alcohol or any other kind of drug abuse may be brought on by a complete lack of judgment, a behavioral problem often associated with Bipolar Disorder. Having to deal with a spouse who is addicted to alcohol or drugs can be highly distressing for a spouse. Also, in the manic phase, the individual is withdrawn, depressed and likes to be isolated from family and friends.

However, it is important for the partner of a person who is suffering from manic depression to understand that the behavior of the sufferer is not under his control. The only recourse to prevent a bipolar divorce is that the spouse of the sufferer displays a lot of compassion and patience for the behavior of the other person. One should understand that Bipolar Disorder is an illness like any other and that the patient needs medical attention and a lot of comforting support from his/her family members if he/she is to get better and avoid the bipolar divorce.